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Masonic Ladies Night 15th April 2017

Masonic Ladies Night 25th March 2017

Masonic Ladies Night 16th April 2016

Masonic Ladies Night 5th March 2016

Donna & Eddie Gammage Ladies Night 2015

Castle point Lodge 2015

St Helen & St Giles 21st Sept 2013



KEGS Charity Ball 3rd March 2018

Essex Pooch Palace Charity Ball 4th November 2017

Sands Charity Ball 21st October 2017

Karis Angel Ball Charity Night 14th October 2017

Brittish Heart Foundation Charity Night 11th March 2017

Cancer Research UK Charity Night 25th Feb 2017

Chocolate Ball 26th November 2016

Sands Charity Night 22nd October 2016

Karis Angel Ball Charity Night 15th October 2016

Willows Charity Night 26th February 2016

Karis May Darling Charity Night 17th October 2015

Sands Charity Night 10th October 2015

Charity Night 28th June 2014

Essex Pooch Palace & Little Havens

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Lisa & Pauls 25th Wedding Aniversary & Lisa’s 50th

Josephine’s 11th Birthday Party



Gary shoot 2018

Family Studio shoot 10th December 2016
Family Studio shoot 24th October 2016

Family Studio shoot 17th July 2016

Family Studio shoot 16th April 2016

Baby Maisie shoot 20th March 2016

Baby Billy shoot 7th December 2015

Dignum shoot 1st December 2015

John Family shoot 29th November 2015

Newborn shoot Baby Parsons 28th September 2015

Studio Shoot 17th May 2015 Chambers

Studio Shoot 29th April 2015 Megan

Studio Shoot 28th February 2015 Ramsay

Studio Shoot 21st December 2014 Blatchley

Studio Shoot 10th November 2014

Sonny Newborn Shoot 15th Feb 2014

Harding Shoot 13th December 2013

Davis shoot 2008

Williams Shoot 9th November 2013

Flanagan Shoot 27th October 2013

Carter Shoot 19th October 2013

Howard Shoot

Jade’s Newborn shoot

Williamson Family shoot 18th June 2012


Wedding Proof Book’s

Proof book of Marylou & Mark 17th March 2018

Proof book of Sarah & Dan 22nd March 2018

Proof book of Lynsey & Luke 9th September 2017

Proof book of Abbie & Mark 8th August 2017

Proof book of Lizaellie & Jimmy 22nd July 2017

Proof book of Katie & Scott 8th July 2017

Proof book of Kelly & Adam 2nd July 2017

Proof book of Bill & Victoria 11th May 2017

Proof book of June & Jeffery 28th January 2017

Proof book of Charmaine & Jason 15th October 2016

Proof book of Mathew & Jolene 23rd December 2016

Proof book of Debbie Doo & John 13th October 2016

Proof book of Olivia & Taylor 18th September 2016

Proof book of Vicky & Richard 17th September 2016

Proof book of Claire & Wayne 25th Junes 2016

Proof book of Mark & Lisa 10th September 2016

Proof book of Beverley & Ronald 3rd September 2016

Proof book of Maryann & Bradley 1st September 2016

Proof book of Sally Ann & John 20th August 2016

Proof book of Kirsty & Michael 19th May 2016

Proof book of Tricia & Steve 25th March 2016

Proof book of Michelle & Chris 5th December 2015

Proof book of Alivia & Jimmy 4th September 2015

Proof book of Lorraine & Tony 21st August 2015

Proof book of Laura & Jason 11th July 2015

Proof book of Lisa & Lee 7th August 2015

Proof book of Lisa & Lee 17th July 2015

Proof book of Tracey & Martyn 20th June 2015

Proof book of Daisy & Joe 10th May 2015

Proof book of Kerry & Mark 2nd May 2015


Football Clubs

Chalvedon Football Club 7th June 2014   click here for print prices


PROMS 2014  click here for



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Amy & Ricky Evening Studio