School Prom Info

Westside Studio have been shooting school proms since 2004

over the years we have worked with a selection of schools that is growing each year

We attend your evening FREE of charge and set up a photographic studio,
we take a selection of pictures of your guests as they arrive and into the evening

weather permitting outside and inside.
If the Weather is good we can have 2 Photographers out side 1 Shooting Group Photos
and the other shooting zoomed in reportage style
We have a choice of backgrounds but our most popular one is our blue or grey drop that is now 7 Meters long
we can do a whole class group on one backdrop space permitting ! 30 people+.
The photos are viewable on the night on our computers with no obligation to buy.
If your guests like the pictures and wish to purchase them they can be ordered,
Prices start at just £10 for a 9×6 print (see samples below). On the night we offer a buy 2 get 1 free service.
All Images are viewable on our website by all on request by the school and are password protected
The cost of a 9×6 print after the event is £12 each this includes postage & packaging, they do not come in mounts
as we have found most people take them out and frame them
Mounts are available at an extra cost
Reasons why we don’t print on the night

Our photos are printed at a pro lab on the latest printers and give the best quality,
Also we have time to edit out marks and tidy up the photo before we print
All images are fully edited after the event back at the studio.
We post the print orders direct to your home address to prevent them
from being misplaced or damaged during the night / After Party
We can offer a great deal of 3 for 2 on the night due to lower costs.
Our prices have not changed ever !!!
Machines used for printing on the night are still not up to the quality of industrial Chemical machines used in pro labs.
We ensure we use only the best quality professional lustre paper, something that cant be done with dye-sub machines.
Finally, we feel that a Prom is such an important event in life that it should be captured and printed professionally.
If you are interested in us attending please contact us on 07774 728605.
We do get booked up early so get in quick we can only do 2 proms on one night
If You have been offered a better genuine deal than this please call me and I will try to match it