School Proms

Online Prom Gallerys 2018

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Please do not ask me for a password I will not reply !

please ask a friend or your school you were all given a card on the night with the password

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Appleton School 2018 Now Live

The Ockendon Academy 2018 Now Live

Chingford Foundation 2018 = Now Live

Basildon Academys 2018 = Now Live

St Edwards CofE 2018 = Now Live

Davenant Foundation 2018 = Now Live

Ormiston Park 2018 = Now Live

Woodlands School 2018 = Now Live

Frances Bardsly 2018 = Now Live

Harris Academy 2018 = Now Live



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2017 Proms online

Appleton School 23rd June 2017

St Edwards C of E School 23rd June 2017

Roding Valley HS 28th June

The Ockendon Academy 29th June

Chingford Foundation 29th June

Davenants Foundation School 4th July 2017

Woodlands School 5th July 2017

Ormiston Park Academy 13th July 2017

Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls 13th July 2017

Harris Academy 18th July 2017

Pre Partys

Basildon Upper Academy Pre Party 2017