The 16×12 inch WGUK Montage photo

For £20 from Each Member of your guard unit you get a 16×12 copy of the montage and a Disk with all your images on each


As we have had the support from so many guards we have decided to go ahead with this offer for the guards that want it

We have had a lot more interest in this now so we may not be selling photos on the day or after finals now we will know buy the week before finals

For those that don’t we will still have one or two computers available at finals to view and buy the photos as normal £10 each or 3 for £20 no 12×8 Group photos available this year (this may change see above)

none of the images will be available to view after finals

However if any guard wants a group photo or disk they will be considerably more expensive so if you decide as a group after finals that you would still want the offer we are able to arrange this with extra delivery costs


Paul : Westside Studio

see leter below from Nicola Garlic WGUK Chair


Dear Guard Directors,
After many months of working through discussions with the WGUK Championships photographers, we have managed to come up with an amazing deal for you all.
As we have heard from various members/parents and staff over the years, it is a struggle to get to view the photos taken of your units at Championships. And because they are not able to be viewed after the event means that many of us miss out on memories of the season for our kids and members. That, alongside ever rising costs makes it extremely difficult for you to purchase anything. We have come up with a solution that will get you all the pictures taken YES! ALL the photos taken at the Burgess Hill show or the Barnsley show plus every photograph taken at Championships of your unit and members.
In the past they have taken photos at Barnsley, Burgess Hill and Finals. This means there could be as many as 150 photos action shots of your Guard on the arena, plus your individual photo and several group photos.

As an example last season you could by the big group shot (which I have attached a link to so you can see what it is) for £15. To buy a normal 6”x 9” photo it was £10 each. So to just buy your individual shot and a big group one this would cost £25 approx, for just 2 pictures.
http://www.westsidestudio.co.uk/wguk.htm Ignore the writing on the web page as this was a previous deal that was available.
The deal now is, for the exceptionally cheap price of £20 per marching member of your unit, they will receive a printed large group photo (see the photo above) plus a disk with every single action shot of your Guard taken over the Burgess Hill/Dewsbury performances and Championships performances (which if you make Finals means you perform twice) which usually is around 150-500 photos. Plus the entire individual shots (usually two per member and any taken with brothers/sister best mates etc and group photos.
If you have 2 sisters/brothers in your Junior Class Guard then you will only pay the one £20 price. If you have a child in both Junior Class and Open class then it would be £20 per child due to printing costs etc. But still with the large printed photo being charged at £15 last season, to receive that plus the disk with every shot of your guard, you will I am sure agree that this is a fantastic offer?
So what’s the catch?

Well the only way this deal can be achieved is if EVERY marching member buys them. So for example a guard marching ten non related members would pay £20 for each member £200 total to receive their photographs. We will work out for the photographers who are the brothers/sisters in each performing unit from your registrations so there is no over (or under) charging. All you as a Guard Director have to do is collect and pay the cost. The large photos will be handed to you at Championships and the disks shipped out shortly after the event. Along with the members packs the Guard Director of each unit will receive a FREE pack of each of their member units.
If however any unit decides that they do not want to take part in this offer then unfortunately everyone looses out as it will only work for the photographers if everyone buys as they need to cover their costs and they make very little profit once you take into account travelling to shows and all of their equipment upkeep/printing etc. If we choose not to go with this offer then the photographers will go back to what they have done for the last few years and sell at Championships in the foyer area.
Please could you feed back to me with your decision on taking part in this offer as soon as possible so that we can inform the photographer’s, as they will need to organise themselves well in advance.
Many thanks